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 “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”-  Credited to Wendell Berry.

Sustainability is an important part of our vision and belief. We are working with alternatives to meeting our present day needs by not compromising the needs of our future generations.

Global warming, air pollution, water crisis, deforestation & plastic pollution are some grievous problems that we are experiencing. These calamitous issues threaten to wipe out living existence from the face of the earth. Unfortunately, we humans are the most destructive species on this planet and we now need to do our part to revive what we have been taking for granted and in abundance.

Water Pollution has been rising by the minute due to the needs and greeds of human beings. There are many reasons for it and one being the chemicals going down the drain when we wash our body and clothes. There are tons of chemicals that have been dumped and are being added every moment which have been posing a great threat to the health of water bodies and the aquatic life in it. Chemicals disturb the aquatic food chain, increasing resistant bacteria creating toxic dioxins and contaminating marine life. Natural soaps help protect and conserve water. No use of chemicals in natural soaps lead to no chemicals down the drain hence, adding no unwanted toxins and chemicals into our water supply system.

Deforestation is an important cause of natural loss of trees. It affects wildlife, weather patterns, ecosystem and the climate. Our family has loved the wildlife and we have been visiting Indian wildlife since we were children, so this is an important cause for us. We donate a part of each sale to help revive what we have been losing. Karnataka Forest Department and Assam Forest Department are the two government owned forest departments that we work with.

Plastic pollution is not only threatening our land resources but our water resources too. At our studio, we do not use or encourage any use of one time use plastic. Our soaps are packaged in paper, which have been sourced from well managed forests, hence are sustainable and recyclable.

Our semi liquid products are packaged in aluminium (called, the green metal as it is very environmentally friendly and highly recyclable) containers.

Natural soaps are made by hand without the use of high power machinery, therefore helping preserve energy.

Through these small steps, we hope to make small positive changes that may trickle down too big reforms for all living beings.